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FAST helped Caltech HEP group and collaborators break world record for data transfer and win the Bandwidth Challenge at SC05, Seattle, November 2005, Caltech PR
Thanks to Lachlan Andrew, George Lee and David Wei for providing FAST support at SC05.

Caltech and Cisco Team to Advance Development of FAST Network

  • FAST helped Caltech HEP group quadruple world record at SuperComputing Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, Nov, 2004. See PR and details.
  • It also helped Caltech HEP group break Internet2 Land Speed Record (IPv4 category multiple stream class) at the same conference. See details.
Thanks to Sanjay Hegde, Bartek Wydrowski, and Cheng Jin for support.

some old news

FAST TCP: motivation, architecture, algorithms, performance
[full, 1.3MB]: David X. Wei, Cheng Jin, Steven H. Low and Sanjay Hegde. IEEE/ACM Trans. on Networking, to appear in 2007
[short, 2MB]: Cheng Jin, David X. Wei and Steven H. Low. IEEE Infocom, March 2004 [slides]
[full, 2.5MB]: Cheng Jin, David X. Wei and Steven H. Low. Caltech CS Report CaltechCSTR:2003:010, December 17, 2003

FAST TCP: from theory to experiments
Cheng Jin, David X. Wei, Steven H. Low, G. Buhrmaster, J. Bunn, D. H. Choe, R. L. A. Cottrell, J. C. Doyle, W. Feng, O. Martin, H. Newman, F. Paganini, S. Ravot, S. Singh; IEEE Network, 19(1):4-11, January/February 2005

IETF Presentation: FAST TCP [PowerPoint] [PDF]
Cheng Jin, David X. Wei and Steven H. Low; 57th IETF Meeting, Transport Area WG, Vienna, Austria, July 18, 2003