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since 2.7.2002
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Maps and Directions to Netlab & WiL

Some maps, directions and links to assist you in visiting Netlab & WiL.
To view various maps listed in the table below, click on the link within the table.
Each map has a link and tag to indicate which website the map came from.

Map & Directions to Netlab & WiL

Netlab location on Caltech campus
Streets leading to Caltech in Pasadena
Freeways to Pasadena
Airports/Freeways nearest Caltech
(in Pasadena city, LA county, California state)
Public transport guide

Airports and Freeways nearest Caltech, Pasadena
According to the Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau's map below :
1 Pasadena is located just south of San Gabriel Mountains and northeast of downtown Los Angeles.
2 [Map inset: Pasadena city in Los Angeles county on westcoast of California state, USA.]
3 Pasadena has four major airports nearby
(For travel directions and minimum drive times from the Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau, click on the map below.)

Freeways to Caltech, Pasadena
Get driving instructions to Caltech.
Or type the relevant addresses on-line, into Google Maps / Yahoo Maps.

Streets to Caltech in Pasadena.
Caltech is located at 1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, between S Wilson Ave and Hill Ave.
On this map, Netlab is closest to corner of E California Blvd and Hill Ave.

Netlab location on Caltech campus.

Note: Netlab has moved to the Annenberg building, Building 16. Directions will be updated in due course.
In the map below, Netlab and WIL are housed in Room 170 of Jorgensen Building (blue) near corner of Holliston Ave and San Pasqual St of Caltech. Also nearby are Parking structures (green), Human resources, Chandler cafeteria and Red Door Cafe (dark grey). Please note there are parking regulations at Caltech. Also, on the interactive Caltech campus map, Jorgensen building is marked #80.

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Public transport guide
Public transport and airport shuttle options for Pasadena, Los Angeles and California are listed on the
Caltech Transit Guide and Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau websites.

The closest major public transport hub:
Union Station in downtown LA (for Metro-rail Gold/Red/Purple lines, Amtrak, Metro-link trains plus MTA, FlyAway airport buses.)
Closest rail station: Lake Station or Hill Station on Metro Rail Gold line.
Closest bus stops:
a) Airport shuttle, 'Supershuttle' has 5 bus stops on the Caltech campus.
b) Pasadena ARTS 10 bus and MTA 267 bus, along Del Mar Blvd, between S Wilson Ave and Hill Ave;
c) MTA 177 bus along E California Blvd, between S Wilson Ave and S Hill Ave;
d) MTA 780 bus on corner of Del Mar Blvd and Hill Ave;