MaxNet V1.0
(download 48MB) (patch 770kB) Linux 2.6.11 with MaxNet host code
(download 47MB) (patch 8kB) Linux 2.6.11 with MaxNet router code
(download 356kB) (patch 2kB) iproute tool for MaxNet router configuration
(download 4MB) setup and experiment scripts.

V1.0 Notes

You will need to have at least 3 computers, a sender, a router and a receiver.  The host kernel is used for the sending & receiving hosts and mainly modifies /net/ipv4/tcp_input.c in the original Linux kernel. The router kernel has the router module /net/sched/sch_maxnet.c which is installed and configured by the iproute tool tc provided.  Maxnet code is contained between #ifdef MAXNET_TCP directives in both host and router kernels.  Both the host and router kernels have facilities for logging the flow statistics using the /var/log/messages facility.

The current version of MaxNet does not perform gracefully with packet loss. Packet loss will cause the source rate jump around. Make sure your buffers are large enough and CPU is fast enough not to cause any packet loss. At high speeds, CPU utilization will also affect the rates and it is recommended all unnecessary processes, such as X windows and top, are switched off for smooth rate results. It is recommended you tune the kernel with the script provided to ensure the TCP buffers and parameters are set correctly.