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since 2.7.2002
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Photos: Some Portraits, 2002-2008

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Researchers, post-docs, admin (past and present)
  Krister Jacobbson Tom Quetchenbach Chee Wei Tan  
Lachlan Andrew Lijun Chen Ao Kevin Tang Cheng Jin Bartek Wydrowski
  Raj Jayaraman Sanjay Hegde Werner Almesberger  
  Betta Dawson Christine Ortega Kathryn Moran  
Students, alumni and visiting associates
  Jayakrishnan Nair George S Lee Khoa Tran Kevin Phan  
Lun Li Mortada (Morr) Meyhar Kevin Ao Tang Jintao Wang David Xiaoliang Wei
  Cheng Hu Craig Cameron Sanjeewa Arthuraliya  
Undergraduate Students and SURF students (Past and present)
Alexis Bourel Hailey Lam Matthew Maurer EuiWoong Lee Tom Quetchenbach
Kenneth Heafield Martin Suchara Ryan C Witt Gabe Cohn  
Some 2002-2003 visitors.
Professor Jin S Lee Dawn Hyojeong Choe Ki-baek Kim
Dohy Hong Mian Dai Donald Sze
Potos/people courtesy of Dawn Choe's Netlab website 2002, and various individuals (Lachlan Andrew, Alexis Bourel, Gabe Cohn, Betta Dawson, Kenneth Heafield, Cheng Jin, Eui Woong Lee, George Lee, Morr Meyhar, Ryan Witt). Edited by Hana Khoo Andrew.
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