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since 2.7.2002
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People: Members and visitors at Netlab


Low, Steven H.
Full CV
Professor in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering at Caltech.
Member of SISL & Lee Center for Advanced Networking at IST Caltech
BS, Cornell University 1987; MS, Berkeley 1989; PhD, Berkeley 1992.
CEO, FastSoft Inc 2006-08

Post-doc / Researchers

Past Researchers

Tan, Chee Wei PostDoc
PhD Princeton, 2008
Andrew, Lachlan L. H. CAIA, Swinburne University, Australia
Research Engineer/WiL manager 2005-2008
BE 1992, BSc 1993, PhD EE 1996, Melbourne
  Tang, Ao (Kevin) Asst Prof ECE, Cornell 2007 -
Senior Researcher 2007,
SISL Research fellow 2007
PhD, EE, 2006
BE 1999, ME 2001, EE, Tsinghua University
Chen, Lijun PhD CDS 2007 Jin, Cheng Post-doc 2002-2005
VP Engineering, FastSoft Inc 2006 -
Quetchenbach, Tom WiL Researcher 2007-
BS EE 2007
Netlab/WiL Visiting Progammer 2006-07
Wydrowski, Bartek Post-doc 2004-2005
Jacobsson, Krister Post-doc 2008 -,
PhD KTH Sweden 2007
Almesberger, Werner Post-doc 2002-2003
    Jayaraman, Raj Researcher
    Hegde, Sanjay Researcher



Phan, Khoa T. (Kevin) Grad student EE
MSc UAlberta, Canada 2008, BSc UNSW, Australia 2006
Chen, Lijun PhD CS 2007
Nair, Jayakrishnan Grad student, EE Athuraliya, Sanjeewa MS, EE 2000
Lee, George S. Grad student on leave/Current visitor
WiL hardware set-up.
BS, EE&CS, MIT 2003
Cameron, Craig MSc, EE 2002

Visitors: Current

Hu, Cheng MSc CS 2006
Andrew, Lachlan
2008/09 see Past Researchers Li, Lun PhD EE 2007
Bourel, Alexis SURF 2008 Mehyar, Mortada (Morr) PhD EE 2007
Khoo, Hana Netlab/WiL websites 2006/09 Pongsajapan, John MSc, CS 2006
Lam, Hailey SURF 2007 & 2008 - Tang, Ao (Kevin) PhD EE 2006, see above
Lee, Eui Woong UGrad research 2006 - Wang, Jiantao PhD, CDS 2005
Lee, George S. WiL equipment consultant/researcher 2007- Wing MS, CS 2001?
Wei, David Xiaoliang visiting researcher 2007- Wei, David Xiaoliang PhD CS 2007
BE, CS Tsinghua University 2001


Staff: Past

Moran, Kathryn Administration Dawson, Betta Administration
Ortega, Christine Administration

Some Collaborators (Research groups)

Doyle, John Prof. CDS / EE / BE, Caltech Caltech team at Bandwidth SC challenge
Newman, Harvey Prof. Physics PMA. HEP, FAST, Ultralight, Caltech Chiang, Mung Assist. Prof. EE, Princeton, NJ
Wierman, Adam Asst Prof, CS, Caltech CUBIN EE, University of Melbourne
Paganini, Fernando Prof Eng, Universidad ORT Uruguay, CAIA ICT, Swinburne University
Jean Walrand Professor EECS UC Berkeley    
Demetri Psaltis Prof. Optical info. processing, Caltech    

Some Visitors: Past

Maurer, Matthew SURF 2008 Murty, Rohan
Khoo, Hana Netlab/WiL websites 2006-2009 Yan, Sonia  
Jacobsson, Krister KTH Sweden 2006-07 Choi, Joon-Young Asst Prof EE PNU Korea 2004-05
Cohn, Gabriel ugrad EE Caltech 2006 Kim, Ki-Baek Post-doc scholar SNU Korea 2004-05
Heafield, Kenneth BS Ma&CS 2007, SURF 2005/06 Hong, Dohy Scholar, INRIA-ENS 2002
Suchara, Martin BS, CS 2006; SURF 2005/06 Lee, Jin S Prof EE, Postech Korea
Witt, Ryan BS CS 2007, SURF/Project 2004-06 Choe, Hyojeong (Dawn) student EE, Postech Korea 2002
Netlab webmaster 2002
Quetchenbach, Tom ugrad student EE Caltech 2005/06 Koo, Kyungmo   student EE, Postech, Korea
Tsai, Eddie WIL webmaster 2005 Dai, Mian Summer research student 2002
Wydrowski, Kasia Netlab logo design 2005 Sze, Donald Summer research student 2002
Ted Lee Wan in Lab set-up assistance (2005) We, Xiaolan  
Yee, Chuck-Hou research student 2004