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since 2.7.2002
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Some of Netlab research includes projects summarised below:

  1. FAST TCP is an acronym for Fast AQM Scalable TCP, where AQM stands for Active-Queue-Management and TCP stands for Transmission-Control-Protocol.
    FAST TCP is a unique congestion control algorithm that allows the speedy, accurate, long distance transfer of enormous amounts of data across communications networks. Research into FAST TCP has led to various collaborations within Caltech and around the world.

  2. FastSoft, Inc. was founded in 2006, to bring this ground-breaking TCP WAN acceleration to the public. FastSoft, Inc. was inspired by FAST TCP research at Netlab, Caltech and is currently focused on furthering its applications.

  3. WAN-in-Lab (WiL) is an acronym for Wide Area Network in a Laboratory.
    Netlab and Cisco Networking (Australia/USA) built a communications network test bed (WiL), to further research on FAST TCP. Since then, WiL has also been used for other projects too. WiL consists of a long haul fiber optic network, without introducing artefacts associated with network emulations, while still allowing "detailed measurements of network performance. The hardware design and software management are still evolving at WiL. Soon, Professor Steven Low and Netlab envisage that WiL be used to design, develop, test and evaluate applications of TCP protocols. For example this includes benchmarking.

  4. MaxNet is an explicit congestion control protocol model, that introduces novel ways of controlling network traffic, to enhance fairness, stability and performance of networks. MaxNet was invented by Bartek Wydrowski in Melbourne, Australia. Bartek and other Netlab members have been developing MaxNet further at Netlab and WiL.

  5. NS-2 Enhancement is a set of patches and tutorial documents to improve and enhance the TCP modules in Network Simulator (NS-2). Also included is a patch to allow native Linux TCP code to be simulated in NS-2. This project was started at Netlab by David X. Wei, and is dedicated to improve the speed, extensibility and accuracy of the NS-2 simulations.