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since 2.7.2002
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People: Our Collaborators and Sponsors

Netlab & WiL would like to thank our generous sponsors and collaborators for their time, expertise, equipment and funding.
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  1. joint research with various Caltech departments
  2. joint research with visitors and various research centers around the world
  3. contributions and research assistance from sponsors in industry


NSF Cisco Systems Lee Center for Advanced Networking, Caltech
Army Research Office Air Force Office of Science Research Yuen Research Fund
Intel Sun Microsystems Microsoft


Prof. Steven Low is listed as a Principle Investigator (PI) on the following grants::
Program Title Co-PI Period
MURI Analysis and modeling of networks with long range dependence (LRD) characteristics PI - Jean Walrand, UC Berkeley
Co-PIs - John Doyle, Steven Low,
R. Srikanth (UIUC),
V. Anantharam & A. Zakhor (UC Berkeley), D. Towsley & W. Gong (U. Mass. Amherst).
2008 -
NSF RI WAN in Lab Doyle, Newman, Psaltis, Yip 2003-08
NSF NeTS Counter-Intuitive Behavior in General Networks   2005-07
NSF NeTS Collaborative Research: Optimization and Games in Interdomain Routing Doyle 2006
NSF CRCD Control and Optimization of Communication Systems Chiang (Princeton) 2004-06
NSF STI Multi-Gbps TCP: Data Intensive Networks for Science & Engineering Bunn, Doyle, Newman 2002-05
NSF ITR Optimal and Robust TCP Congestion Control Doyle 2001-04
ARO DURIP WAN in Lab at 10Gbps Lachlan Andrew 2008-09
ARO DURIP Hybrid WAN in Lab Doyle, Newman, Psaltis, Yip 2004-05
ARO Network Research Analytical Theory of Protocols Doyle 2002-05
ARO Network Science Networked control systems Doyle, Murray, Parrilo (MIT)
AFO SR Large Scale Self-Organizing Information Distribution System   2002-05
Cisco ARTI University Research Program

WAN in Lab
  2002 -2003

Co-PI at Caltech unless specified in brackets.

  Equipment grants: Sun 2002 and Intel 2001
  Misc grants: Juniper 2003, Level(3) 2003, Microsoft 2001-02