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Analytical methods for network congestion control
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Synthesis Lectures on Communication Networks
Morgan and Claypool Publishers, July 2017

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Our Algorithms in the Field project.

Sample: Power Networks

  1. Convex relaxation of optimal power flow (2-part tutorial)
    Extended version with proofs:   Part I   Part II

    S. H. Low
    Part I: formulations and equivalence. IEEE Trans. Control of Network Systems, 1(1):15-27, March 2014
    Part II: exactness. IEEE Trans. Control of Network Systems, 1(2):177-189, June 2014
    slides: CNLS Grid Science Winter School, Santa Fe, NM, Jan 2015
  2. Branch flow model: relaxations and convexification (Parts I, II)
    Masoud Farivar and S. H. Low
    IEEE Trans. Power Systems, 28(3):2554-2572, August 2013
    old slides,   old video (Berkeley i4Energy Seminar, April 2012)

  3. Design and stability of load-side primary frequency control in power systems
    C. Zhao, U. Topcu, N. Li and S. H. Low
    IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, 59(5):1177-1189, May 2014
    slides, (Skoltech Conf on Advanced Mathematical Methods For Energy Systems, June 2015)

  4. An online gradient algorithm for optimal power flow on radial networks
    Lingwen Gan and S. H. Low
    IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC)
    Special Issue on Emerging Technologies in Communications, 34(3), 2016
    slides (CISS Plenary, Princeton, March 2016)

  5. Impact of residential PV adoption on retail electricity rates
    D.W.H. Cai, S. Adlakha, S. H. Low, P. De Martini and K. M. Chandy
    Energy Policy, 62(C):830--843, 2013

  6. Exact convex relaxation of optimal power flow in radial networks
    L. Gan, N. Li, U. Topcu and S. H. Low
    IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, 2014

  7. Zero duality gap in optimal power flow problem
    Javad Lavaei and S. H. Low
    IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, 27(1):92-107, February 2012

  8. Optimal demand response: problem formulation and deterministic case
    L. Chen, N. Li, L. Jiang and S. H. Low
    In Control and Optimization Theory for Electric Smart Grids
    Aranya Chakrabortty and Marija Ilic, Editors, Springer 2012

  9. Quadratically constrained quadratic programs on acyclic graphs with application to power flow
    Subhonmesh Bose, Dennice F. Gayme, K. Mani Chandy and S. H. Low
    Submitted for publication, June 2013

  10. Talks:
    • Intro to power flows slides
      Simons Institute Real-time Decision Making Bookcamp (Power Systems), University of California, Berkeley, Jan 2018

    • Autonomous energy grid - optimization slides pdf
      NREL Workshop on Autonomous Energy Grid, Golden CO, Sept 2017

    • Adaptive charging network
      • Caltech Alumni College, Pasadena, CA, November 2016 poster
      • PFI:AIR-TT, NSF, DC, March 2017 slides

    • Optimal storage placement and power flow solution slides
      Stanford Smart Grid Seminar Series, Palo Alto, CA, November 2016

    • Online optimization of power networks slides video 1080p video 240p
      IPAM Workshop on Optimization and Equilibrium of Energy Economics, UCLA, CA, January 2016
      Updated slides (Simons Institute Workshop, Berkeley, June 2016)

    • Load-side frequency control slide
      Expert Conf on Advanced Mathematical Methods For Energy Systems, Skoltech, Moscow, Russia, June 2015

    • Smart grid research slides
      Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, March 2015

    • Semidefinite relaxation of optimal power flow: tutorial slides
      CNLS Grid Science Winter School, Santa Fe, NM, Jan 2015

    • Optimal power flow video+slides
      DTC Science & Technology Innovators Lecture, College of Sci & Engr, University of Minnesota, Sept 2013

    • Control architecture for networked DER slides
      Optimization panel at the 12th Int'l Workshop on Electric Power Control Centers (EPCC), Bedford Springs, PA, June 2013

    • Optimal power flow and demand response slides,   video
      i4Energy Seminar, CITRIS, UC Berkeley, April 2012

  11. Blogs (why energy):

Sample: Communication Networks

    New paper:

  1. Pricing link by time
    C. D. Lai, S. H. Low, K. C. Leung and V. O. K. Li
    Proc. ACM Sigmetrics Conference, Austin, TX, June 2014

  2. Optimization flow control, I: basic algorithm and convergence
    S. H. Low and D. E. Lapsley
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 7(6):861-75, Dec 1999

  3. A duality model of TCP and queue management algorithms
    S. H. Low
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 11(4):525-536, Aug 2003

  4. FAST TCP: motivation, architecture, algorithms, performance
    David X. Wei, Cheng Jin, S. H. Low and Sanjay Hegde
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 14(6):1246-1259, Dec 2006

  5. Equilibrium of heterogeneous congestion control: existence and uniqueness
    Ao Tang, Jintao Wang, S. H. Low and M. Chiang
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 15(4):824-837, Oct 2007

  6. REM: active queue management
    S. Athuraliya, V. H. Li, S. H. Low and Q. Yin
    IEEE Network, 15(3):48-53, May/Jun 2001

  7. Layering as optimization decomposition: a mathematical theory of network architectures
    M. Chiang, S. H. Low, A. R. Calderbank and J. C. Doyle
    Proceedings of the IEEE, 95:255-312, Jan 2007

  8. Tutorial: TCP Congestion control
    slides; video part 1, video part 2
    PURSUIT Summer School, Cambridge University, UK, Aug 2011