Power System Analysis - A Mathematical Approach
Lecture Notes for EE/CS/EST 135
Steven H. Low, Caltech

This rough draft is based on lecture notes for the Power System Analysis course that I have been teaching at Caltech for the last decade or so. Any corrections, questions, comments, or pointers will be greatly appreciated!

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  • Part I: Single-phase networks (Ch 1 - Ch 5; ignore Ch 6)
  • Part II: Unbalanced multiphase networks (Ch 7 - 10)
  • Part III: Power flow optimization (Ch 11 - 15)
  • Part IV: Appendix: Mathematical preliminaries (Ch 25)

The slides below are mostly for the Feb 16, 2023 version of the draft textbook (except for a few updated chapters). The chapter numbers may not match with the re-organized current version above (will be updated in the future).

  • Part I: Single-phase networks
    • Ch 1 Basic concepts
    • Ch 2 Transmission line models
    • Ch 3 Transformer models
    • Ch 5 Bus injection models
    • Ch 6 Branch flow models
  • Part II: Unbalanced multiphase networks
    • Ch 8 Component models
    • Ch 9 Bus injection models
    • Ch 10 Branch flow models
  • Part III: Power flow optimization
    • Ch 11 Power system operation
    • Ch 12 Optimal power flow
    • Ch 13 Semidefinite relaxations: BIM
    • Ch 14 Semidefinite relaxations: BFM

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