Carbon Neutrality, NSF Workshop, Apr 2023, Slides

Adaptive Charging Network and Three-Phase Models, LANL Winter School lecture, Jan 2023, Slides

California’s Future Power Grid: Smart, Resilient & Reliable, Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall, Apr 2021, Video

Intro to Power Flows, Simons Institute Real-time Decision Making Bootcamp, Jan 2018, Slides, Video (Part I), Video (Part II)

Autonomous Energy Grid - Optimization, NREL Workshop on Autonomous Energy Grid, Golden CO, Sept 2017, Slides

Adaptive Charging Network

  • Caltech Alumni College, Pasadena, CA, Nov 2016, Poster
  • PFI: AIR-TT, NSF, DC, Mar 2017, Slides

Optimal Storage Placement and Power Flow Solution, NREL Workshop on Autonomous Energy Grid, Golden CO, Sept 2017, Slides

Online Optimization of Power Networks

  • IPAM Workshop on Optimization and Equilibrium of Energy Economics, UCLA, CA, Jan 2016, Slides
  • Simons Institute Workshop, Berkeley, June 2016, Slides, Video

Load-Side Frequency Control, Expert Conf on Advanced Mathematical Methods For Energy Systems, Skoltech, Moscow, Russia, June 2015, Slides

Smart Grid Research, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Mar 2015, Slides

Optimal Power Flow and Demand Response, i4Energy Seminar, CITRIS, UC Berkeley, Apr 2012, Slides, Video

Tutorial: TCP Congestion Control, PURSUIT Summer School, Cambridge University, UK, Aug 2011, Slides, Video (Part I), Video (Part II)

Misc Writings

The Theory-Practice-Entrepreneurship Gap, Nov 2021

Thoughts on HK Movement, Aug 2019

Business Case of DER and Utility, Dec 2014

A Network of Intelligent DER, Sept 2014

Communication and Power Networks